Sunday, July 17, 2011

Introduction to Soft Plyometrics

I have spent the last few years trying to formulate a way to bridge the gap between some of the rehabiliation based experiences I have had and the field of fitness and high performance training. What is the gap? Why is this gap relevant? These are two very good questions that lead to a fundamental response: People who exhibit weakness and injury provide the professional with an "inside look" into the structural, biomechanical, and physiological environment of the high performance athlete. It is through these people that we can observe measurable impact and effect of external stimulus on the tissues. Therefore, it is fundamentally essential to examine the entire spectrum of human performance. The examination and understanding of human performance at its weakest inevitably provides the professional with the intrinsic tools necessary to effect positive potential change in the "strong" individual.
This is an introduction to Soft Plyometrics...a term I have coined for the simple reason it has similar targets and objectives as plyometrics but at different points in the periodizaed program or fitness protocol. Specific exercises and application guidelines will follow in a second posting called Essentials of Soft Plyometrics. Cheers!

PS: I have used an external site called Scribd which is very useful...however you will need to allow a second or two to let the slide load as you flip through them.

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  1. Gavin: Thanks for this concise and esy-to-understand introduction to soft plyometrics. I look forward to learning more to help my clients reach their full potential.