Friday, April 24, 2015

Cannabis and Neurological Disorders

Likely one of the most debated and examined topic of the last couple of years.  When I started this blog in 2011, Cannabis wasn't even part of the rehabilitative lexicon...let alone something that should recieve any attention or study.  However, it has become extremely relevant...and paradoxically controversial. 

I won't assume that I am an expert at discussing the pharmaceutical aspects of medicinal use of cannabis...this is well beyond my current scope of practice.  However, being immersed in the the world of neurological disorders and "on the ground" for the last 9 years, I have experience and seismic shift in perception...not only within the landscape in general but within my own perception as well.  The instinctive "hesitation" from the world in general is understandible...but this initial reaction is something we should understand as being shaped by social perception not by fact.  The reality is that medical uses have been in place for quite some time.  Depending on the literature and sources, it can be traced back to 50 A.D. in China.  Regardless, there is likely only one way to truly understand the relevance of cannabis oil:

Go to the front to the people, talk to the parents...see how it's made, see how it's administered...see the results.

You will surely be amazed.

There are so many "tracks" to take regarding this I have decided to make this first entry rather short.  I fully expect to expand on this topic and be able to dig into some of the more specific topics revolving around this "hot button" topic.  But in order to look at the details with the proper perspective, you need to have a good "view" of the larger picture...

"What would YOU do?" 

Your child experiences 5-10 seizures per day...does not eat, cannot sleep...there is more fear than joy, more pain than comfort, and more sadness than hope.  Yet here you have the possibility of moving all of those metric with something that has demonstrated countless completely natural...and can be prepared, not by a pharmaceutical company but, by YOU.   Would you not try anything?

From a professional perspective, having seen the process from cultivation, preparation, extraction, and delivery...I can confidently and responsibly say that without question it is a careful, complex, and comprehensive process that likely surpasses anything being currently rolled out by any pharmaceutical company...and more importantly, the results are nothing short of incredible.

From a personal perspective, I can only defer to my parental instincts and ask myself the very question posed a few paragraphs prior:  "what would I do?"  

Case closed.

It isn't a political, legal, or even moral debate...the stuff just plain WORKS.  

Much respect and reverence for those people and families on the front line (you know who you are).  You represent the purest definition of "soldier" there is.