Friday, December 27, 2013

Beware of Dogmas

noun: dogma; plural noun: dogmas

a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true.


The definition alone should tell the entire story.  Dogmas can be found in any and all walks of life...from philosophy to religion...physics to faith.  The real trouble starts when dogmas populate the rehabilitative landscape and begin to infiltrate what would normally be rationale thinking.  


Almost everything within the physical world falls under the banner of fact, extrapolation of fact, or theory.  However, when it comes to the human organism (with all of its systemic and mechanical complexities) very little can truly be considered a fact or incontrovertibly true with respect to the issue of rehabilitation.  Therefore we are left with (at best) extrapolation of fact or theory...which should always be treated with explicit focus and thought.  


There is, in fact, no true "best treatment"...nor is there a "best therapy".  What is represented is a system of "best fit"...or standardization...that best serves the masses and (more often than not) serves the "authority" that espouses said principles.  The human organism is a complex and comprehensive orchestra of chemical, hormonal, neurological, mechanical, and histological is logistically impossible to expect (let alone claim) one perspective or strategy to service all of these considerations. 


"...incontrovertibly true...laid down by an authority..." 


Search the history books and they will be riddled with things not so incontrovertible that we spoken by those not so much an authority.  Treat everything as extrapolation of fact or theory...truth is relative. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The year the lights came on...

As the traditional year-end reflections begin, it is quite understandable that we are struck with some sobering moments and surprising moments of clarity.  Although I typically refrain from the cliche of "new year / new beginnings", it has become more and more clear that the chronological changing of the calendar year has some psychological benefit.  Although time itself is a mere construct (the future doesn't really is always "now"...and the past is simply a reflection of multiple "nows"), the notion of being able to reflect on past experiences, integrate them into your current mindset, and project them into a certain "future" can be a considerable benefit to how you perform and how you behave.  This behaviour, as a consequence, can potentially yield some more favorable results and therefore enhance your experience throughout the rest of the coming year.

...but I've never been one to believe that new years "resolutions" are anything more than temporary.  Although many may be sincere, they are not is merely a "flirtation" with seriousness.

With this being said, I will condense my dialogue towards what is obviously an end of the year rant...but rather than focus on the standard "what will the new year bring"  I will share a few thoughts on "what the past year brought".  The credit for this paradoxical new years reflection goes to my friend Jordan who eloquently put his past year into great perspective...and as most effective strategies go, I will copy...combine...and transform that idea into something my own.

From a personal and professional perspective, this past year has been nothing short of transformational.  From a personal standpoint, it has unveiled (with explicit clarity) my strengths and my weaknesses.  This can be be temporarily confusing due to the paradoxical feelings of pleasant surprise at discovering true strengths and at the same time confronting some personal failings.  The end result is quite liberating in the sense that I am now essentially more consciously aware and can therefore play to my strengths as well as accept and "re-direct" my weaknesses.  Without this clarity, you essentially ride a comfortable wave of "unconscious incompetence" and glide along completely unaware of how ineffective, unproductive, and unprofessional you are...although it could be blissful to live in that bubble, it will always inevitably burst at some point down the line.

From a professional standpoint, this past year has been representative of "the good, the bad, and the ugly".  The details would be far too comprehensive to deliver within this format...and likely quite boring to everyone except myself.  However the beginning of the year started with a very stark and explicit lesson in how competent and professional attitude translates into responsible professional practice.  This caused me to examine, analyze, and question the standards of practice being implemented within my work environment at that time.  It is not to surprising that calling into question the business practices of a top-down, bureaucratic, and mechanistic organization would irk those in control of your professional career...and even more UNsurprising is the fact that this resulted in my very prompt and surgical dismissal.  "Services no longer required".

There is however (to re-invent a popular quote) a "silver cloud to this dark lining".  This was a clear message to the idea that the previous standards of practice were not only ineffective, but unproductive.  Therefore, I came to the sobering (and actually quite common sensical, if you think about it) realization that the best form of conduct in this field is to always proceed with a very clear and explicit philosophies and self-definition.  Additionally, regardless of the specific circumstances we should be bound to always proceed with:


It may sound intuitive and instinctive...but it is often overlooked.  In retrospect, although it was always implied, it was (in my opinion) nothing more than window dressing.  Putting this idea back into the actual organizational and intrinsic operation of Fascia Therapy (the "child" that is the result of the events of 2013...webpage coming very soon!) has resulted in progress that has not only surpassed the previous years combined but has yielded potential significant contribution to the evolution of the standards of practice.  Transparency breeds inclusion...inclusion expands the scope of professional resources...and the whole is greater than the sums of its parts.  

In summary, my future reflections will likely be referenced as "pre and post-2013"...and even though this rant comes at the traditional time of "new beginnings", the actual new beginnings came at the beginning of 2013 when the lights came on and provided a brand new perspective on a great many things.  To implement a true "scientific perspective" on the new year:   

The future is not set because it is only a serves only to reference the "now".  Therefore, it is silly to plan for the future at the exclusion of living now...not only because it doesnt exist but because, if it did indeed exist, it is only useful to those who can manage to live in the "now". 

Therefore the "new year" is always now...and now is always a new year, so everyday is a good day to re-assess, re-examine, and re-integrate.  Move forward with a clear sense of definition and proceed with transparency.  These are lesson learned from the past year...which will surely be put into practice "now".  

Cheers and Happy New Year! ;)