Tuesday, July 19, 2011

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Although it will never make CNN anytime soon, I consider the following very positive and encouraging news. As per the blog description, my intention is to stimulate dialogue and the exchange of intelligent ideas between fitness and rehabilitation professionals. I am indeed happy to announce that the first step towards a joint pilot project has been confirmed today between yours truly and Rebecca Foss, owner and “Head Lunatic” at Fitness Asylum near Tampa, Florida USA.

Just what is Fitness Asylum? I can tell you quite confidently that it isn’t a place for those who consider fitness as a “social activity”. Don’t plan on reading a magazine while you are doing your cardio…and don’t bother with doing your hair before you go. It’s serious cutting edge fitness and “only serious applicants need apply”! Go the website http://www.fitnessasylumweb.com/ and you’ll see why: Kettlebells, training ropes, and medicine balls (among others) are the order of the day.  Paradoxically, it is well equipped with Special Population Training Programs as well. This is precisely the professional attitude and superior frame of mind that separates the true fitness professional from the rest…and I am glad to have the opportunity to share some of my ideas with the “lunatics” who roam the halls of Fitness Asylum.

The pilot project revolves around the implementation of the Soft Plyometrics concept and techniques into the protocols of the serious athletes at Fitness Asylum. As the project evolves, I will be sharing the observations and conclusions on this blog and using this valuable information to formulate improvements and new applications. In order to move forward, you need to push the envelope and step “outside the box”…ask the questions and seek the true answer…and most of all, work just outside your comfort zone.

Much more to come!

Gavin (newly admitted Lunatic)

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