Sunday, July 3, 2011

Book Of the Month Club

Perhaps I should say BOOKS...because there are 2 books I would highly recommend for 2 very different reasons. The first one could be perhaps the most enlightening text I have come across to date. Not only does it put human development into perspective, but it essentially bridges the gap between most therapeutic challenges and therapeutic solutions. It has proven to be a major eye-opener and I can comfortably classify it as my "new bible". This text is called "The Endless Web".

I am obviously a big fan of having a well-defined rationale for any and all rehabilitative protocols...therefore having a text such as this, in my personal and professional opinion, is essential in establishing solid fundamentals.

My second recommendation is more of a personal one. I have had the pleasure and honour of working with an amazing family from the U.S. who not only inspire me greatly, but have my utmost respect and admiration. People are shaped by their experiences...both good and bad...and subsequently have an effect and influence on those they meet. The family I am refering to is the Dzialo family. Although I only see them once a year, they continue to impress me with their work ethic, their attitude, and their superior frame of mind. Their story has recently been published in a book called "Ceramic To Clay".

This is Adam's story written by his mother, Sharon Dzialo, in the most thoughtful and insightful way. It isnt just a good is a glimpse into the life of an amazing person and family that will teach you a good lesson (or lessons, to be precise) in life. It was indeed an honour when I recieved a copy of Sharon's book (sent all the way to my home in Argentina!) and I can't thank her enough for sharing her story with me. Everyone should upgrade their library and pick it up...I have read the book AND met the people, and I can tell tell you neither disappoint!

Happy reading!

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