Thursday, May 30, 2013

Who stole my cheddar?: Author's Op-Ed

I thought I would take a small detour from the typical (and hopefully) informative rants and go "off-script".  Every once in awhile, it is therapeutic to do so...if for nothing else to satisfy an internal need to simply vent.

I have often made the parallel between business and rehabilitation...mainly drawing links between "top down" management and strategy (which aren't too effective).  In recent days and months, it has become apparent that this parallel runs deeper than I had allowed myself to believe.  To be precise, the "business" of healthcare is characterized by much of the same intrinsic fears and insecurities that are rampant in the business world.  I always loved the saying "Who stole my cheddar?!" reference to someone ranting about how their business has been undermined somehow by someone.  One thing should be clear to all of those who consider themselves in the "business of providing healthcare" of any type:  there is enough cheddar for everyone.  

Success is built upon a genuine interest in providing effective and safe care...not in guarding one's position or status in the rehab universe, which is neither ours to give or ours to take.  I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at the realities of business...afterall it is central to our survival and existence.  However,  keeping to one's own "backyard" and focusing on personal and professional development will always prove to be a winner...and will ultimately steer away from unhealthy or otherwise unnecessary challenges.

Who stole your cheddar?...if someone was able to take it, I suppose it was never yours to begin with. 

Success is measured by how high you climb...not by how far you try to pull people down.



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