Thursday, May 3, 2012

Everything you learned about fitness is wrong.

Thus begins my attempt to delve back into the realm of fitness...with a title that some will perceive as controversial, arrogant, or otherwise ¨entertaining¨. To be clear, this title is intended to catch convert potential disinterest into some level of curiosity. I have found that the fitness industry (in general) is a very ¨protective¨ entity...and therefore is sometimes slow to the idea of reformulating their ¨good old standards¨. What it does succeed in doing is bringing the otherwise bland, boring, and tasteless scientific concepts to the mainstream. It is cleverly packaged and marketed so that the masses find it irresistible...regardless of the actual scientific validity (or even whether it works or not). I will therefore make another attempt to jump right into an industry that, in my opinion, has an opportunity to evolve exponentially. Given that it is largely unregulated, the simple idea of having some fundamental principles in place (as well as a philosophy that makes sense!) is only logical. Before any expanded theory or concept, the most important starting point is to have intelligent SOURCES of information...therefore this small post will serve this purpose. Check out the Balance Fitness Facebook page as well as In the coming weeks, I am hoping that interest grows and therefore I will begin my long rant as to why everything you learned is wrong. To be more accurate (and diplomatic): Everything you learned about fitness can be upgraded. Cheers!

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