Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Activ8 System

After a few trials, many format changes, and quite a bit of hesitation...I have finally decided to present my long-overdue fitness protocol for professionals. I had originally presented it a year ago as Soft Plyometrics, however I have refined it in an effort to make it as compact and useful as possible. More importantly, something that can be implemented very easily and very quickly. The Activ8 System is a tool designed to tap the body´s undiscovered performance potential. It includes very specific strategies and guidelines, however it is fundamentally a philosophy. The philosophy is based in the idea that performance potential (and even general health) is multi-rooted and multi-faceted...therefore it simply cannot be fully cultivated unless each root and each facet are stimulated. The beauty of the Activ8 System is that it doesn´t ignore or disregard ANY other fitness fact, it absorbs it. It can be implemented as a complete health, wellness, or fitness platform...or it can be inserted as a compliment to any and all fitness protocol. The adaptability of Activ8 is due to the fact that it´s primary objective is the development of the most primitive and fundamental structures involved in human deveopment and performance: Connective Tissue. Beyond the obvious strategic objectives of increased strength, power, endurance...the connective tissue / fascial system is responsible for important elemental and integral functions such as fluid transport, metabolic homeostasis, and the regulation of the injury repair mechanism. The full protocol will be unveiled here over time, however I will be attempting to initiate some trial runs with a couple of enlightened professionals (check out Fitnophrenia blog at as well as my good friend Simon at Balance Fitness on Facebook) ahead of time to get the ball rolling. Until then, the fundamentals of the Activ8 System should be outlined. As you may have guessed, there are 8 central objectives: Strengthen. Develop and increase overall strength by promoting one of the fundamental elements in force transfer and distribution---Fascia. Relax. Implement effective and efficient active relaxation strategies to reduce muscular stress and fatigue. Nourish. Actively promote and assist the flow of nutrients throughout the body to increase regeneration and repair. Repair. Implementation of strategies to combat overuse syndromes, chronic and acute injury, inflammation, and the buildup of metabolic by-product. Facilitate. Facilitate and improve the positive effects of complimentary protocols and interventions. Support. Actively develop the primitive support structures that are used, not only in performance situations, but in daily life as well. Maintain. The maintenance of general health and metabolic homeostasis. Develop. Develop the fundamental building blocks for long term health and fitness. More to come!


  1. Wow!!! This is great!!! Congratulations!

    Sounds useful for caregivers / ABR parents... ;)

  2. Gracias! Definitely a departure from CP, but most certainly can be applied to the ABR providers. Most would be considered Activ8 pro´s themselves at this point! ;)

  3. Congratulations Gavin!!!! It' s so interesting!
    (Always is interesting to read what you write)

  4. Congratulations Gav. We will be looking forward to follow your 8 steps to be healthier