Monday, March 24, 2014

New name, new location, same good stuff...

Just a little update and (relatively small) newsflash. 

I have changed the name of this blog so that it becomes more organic to the webpage launch of my concept called Fascia Therapy.  The FT concept has been evolving over the last year and is now ready to move into its own "virtual home" on the internet...therefore I will be providing a direct link to the blog from the website itself. 

I would consider this an "evolution" as opposed to a change, per se.  The random rants, occassional tangents, and (hopefully) informative material still comes from the same brain and will ultimately appear and manifest the same tone and overall perspective.  If anything else, this evolution will facilitate more perspectives and even more potential contribution from a more diverse group of professionals...which will ultimately result in an even broader diversification of knowledge. 


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