Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Professional Profiles: Expert Perspectives

I have gradually been building the idea of expanding the perspectives shared on this blog in an effort to provide a more representative example how diverse professionals navigate their respective fields.  I have always been drawn to the exploration of "how different professionals exact their craft"...and the most effective way to access this is to simply ask them.

Therefore, I have set out within my small but diverse inner circle and selected a small group of professionals with diverse skills, experiences, and expertise to begin this process of examining the various perspectives on professional development, social interaction, ethics, and a host of other relevant topics.  Although the theme of this blog revolves around the health sciences, the group of professionals come from varied sources and trades...this is done intentionally because, although professions / jobs / responsibilities vary, there is always the common thread of human interaction and professional conduct.  This is perhaps the most effective "spring" of knowledge all professionals can access and actually translate into more effective practice.  In addition to the traditional "professional" in the conventional sense, I will also endeavour to engage those who bring a more personal perspective...those who may not have specific professional viewpoints, but who can certainly bring a valued perspective into the discussion. 

Stay tuned!

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