Monday, August 6, 2012

One Giant Leap on Facebook

The last few months have shown a very exciting and welcomed jump in "readership" of the One Gian Leap blog...which has generated a different set of challenges and "probelms" do I get all of the relevant information out without putting the audience to sleep?

Therefore, the OGL Facebook page has emerged as a more broader and diverse extension of the blog that covers more topics and also links to other valuable sources of information and knowledge.  It allows for the more efficient "day-to-day" exchange of information and education while keeping the format relatively informal, quick, and digestible.  The OGL blog can be considered as the resource for more in-depth, comprehensive, and detailed explanation and formulation.
However, each source will compliment the other and therefore contribute to the more efficicent delivery of the overall OGL message.  I would encourage anyone and everyone who has read material here on the blog to visit the One Giant Leap Facebook page and "browse" all of the additional information from multiple and diverse sources.

Part of the central mandate of this blog is to deliver intelligent and well-formulated concepts, theories, and practices...and the reality is that these are found in a great many places and come from a great many people...therefore the Facebook format is the most efficient and effective way to deliver them to you and provide you with productive links to informative and productive resources.

If this blog has provided some valuable information, then the Facebook presence will certainly continue the process.  Once there, click LIKE as it provides useful information on the most popular subjects and helps to define the subjects and issues that resonate most.

Cheers and happy reading!

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