Monday, April 16, 2012

Gravity is the Therapist

I have been quite busy recently and have neglected my blogging duties, however the last 2 weeks have produced quite a bit of enlightened moments and "ah-hah" revelations. I have found that information is more effectively delivered in "digestible chunks", therefore I have decided to ease into the next topic with a brief blurb on the overall topic: GROUND FORCE REACTION AND LOAD BEARING. This is a rather long title only because I havent been able to formulate anything that encompasses my line of thought yet...but I'm sure it will materialize very soon!

I read a quote some time ago that I found, not only to be quite clever, but surprisingly accurate: Gravity is the therapist. The quote was followed by a more expanded description of the underlying message. Essentially, ground force reactions are the derivative of gravitational force...which contributes in a positive way to our functional development. However, if the structure through which these reaction forces travel are weak or misalignment, gravity becomes our worst enemy. This promotes further destabilization of the joints, increases muscular imbalances, results in the physiological stress-shielding effect, and ultimately perpetuates the degenerative cycle.

The upcoming posts will take a deeper look into the actual reality of load bearing and ground-force reactions. In addition, they will introduce an analytical approach that will leave some intrigued, scratching their heads, or otherwise confused...but hopefully there will be some "AH HAH" moments generated as well!

I consider this a brief introduction to the upcoming series I have titled as "Re-inventing The Wheel"...which will be delivered in separate parts to avoid "reading indigestion". I hope you tune in and read!

PS: For those ABR family readers...this series will definitely be relevant.


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