Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The ¨SuperTendon¨ Concept

Once again, I have been bitten by the ¨nerd bug¨and have been plowing through some of the scientific articles that are continually piling up...with no end in sight. I consider this both a blessing and a curse: although it is obvious that I do not possess enough years in my lifetime to absorb everything, each new read sheds even more light and understanding.

I have recently been examining the ¨Form and Function¨relationship...more specifically, the concept that form (structure) IS function. With this in mind, I came to focus on a particular article that had previously gone unnoticed. Upon reading through it, I was pleasantly surprised to finally find a ¨user-friendly¨ article that captures the essence of the Transanatomical understanding of human form and function. To be precise, it exposes the limits of the popular Topographical Anatomy understanding when it comes to analyzing function...which therefore renders any rehabilitative strategy to something relatively simplistic.

It is through works like this...as well as the mentioned Frederic Wood Jones and Buckminster Fuller...that we get a more comprehensive understanding of the intimate relationship between the ¨Bioengineering¨of the human organism (form) and our interaction with the environment (function). More to come on the works of Wood Jones and Fuller, but this article should provide an effective entry into the transanatomical mindset.

Structure-Function Relationships in Tendons

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