Monday, August 1, 2011

Myth, Madness, or New Frontier?

Once again...another posting of an article on fascia. To be honest, it has been difficult to hold back on posting all of the wealth of existing study, research, and scientific evidence of the significance of fascia and connective tissue. I promise more original material, however I think my recent postings of Myers, Van der Wal, and Schleip will greatly enhance the general understanding that this is no myth...this fascia "stuff" is important! So it begs the question: is this myth, madness, or a new frontier? Some would agree that connective tissue is a simple "shrink wrap" for the muscles and just basically holds things in place and therefore considering it as an "active player" in musculoskeletal dynamics is pure MADNESS. Others, in their infinite ignorant wisdom, would tell you that it's purely MYTH..."studies are pure speculation and inconclusive". The reality is that connective tissue is not only the focus of increased in research protocols, but is proving to be quite relevant in the human organism. The potential implications give it the well deserved title of NEW FRONTIER. This was one of the first articles I read regarding fascial properties and it stuck with me throughout my formulations and developing understanding of the role of connective tissue and fascia. Paste it into your mental hardrive. Cheers.

Active Fascial Contractility

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